Here at OaksLabs, we take a hard stance on PUPs. We find the behavior of PUPs to be malicious, and thus we have a passion for removing them.

To fight back we created the OaksLabs Removal Tool, aka ORT. It tears PUPs out by their roots, cleaning the file system, network stack, and browsers. It’s blacklist technology enables it to disinfect a system in just a few minutes. ORT also resets network settings and clears temp files, making it an ideal tool to run before traditional anti-malware utilities.

By default ORT runs interactively. However, ORT supports silent execution (and it’s the only PUP removal tool with silent switches). To run ORT silently, execute it with the switch: ORT.exe /s

MD5 Sum: ac418051df1cb6b5ddaecb2a399c71b4 ORT.exe

Download ORT